The examanitaion was held for candidates wishing to engage in notarial activities

Comprehensive reforms made under the leadership of the president Ilham Aliyev in accordance with the modern challenges, implementation of “smart” city and village projects, giving high quality legal services to the population, application of innovations and digital technologies in this field increases the need for modern-minded personnel.


In this regard, the Ministry of Justice is taking consistent measures to staff skilled and professional lawyers with advanced technologies taking into account the constant expansion of notarial services provided to the population through the application of Information Communication Technologies and innovations, electronic systems and mobile devices.


On this point, the exam was held on April 13 for the candidates wishing to engage in notarial activities in some regions.


Representatives of civil society watched the exam which was held individually with the candidates together with the State Examination Center, using modern technologies by obeying the requirements of the special quarantine applied in connection with the pandemic.


According to the rules of the exam, the task consisted of 100 questions to determine the candidate's legal knowledge, ability to draw logical conclusions and general outlook.


Candidates were provided with a certificate on the results of the exam, which was attended by 53 people, and as a result, 28 candidates who scored 55 or more points out of a possible 90 were successful. The list of successful candidates is posted on the websites of the Ministry ( and the State Examination Center (


It is stated that in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, lawyers who have obtained the required passing score in the exam will be admitted to the second stage - the interview, and they will be interviewed individually. Information on the time and place of the interview will be provided.  


Additional information is available on the official website of the ministry, as well as by calling (012) 404-42-19, (012) 404-42-28 contact numbers.


Source: Press service of the Ministry of Justice