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The youth policy, founded by national leader Heydar Aliyev and continuing today, ensures the active participation of Azerbaijani youth in all spheres of society. One of the most effective tools in this area is the organization of volunteer activities. Volunteers also play an important role in the transformation of our country into a strong state after Azerbaijan gained its independence and in improving the well-being of the people. In recent years, the volunteer movement pays more attention to ensuring the sustainable development of our republic. In particular, the participation of volunteers in the I European Games in 2015, the IV Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017, Formula 1 and other prestigious and large-scale events was of great importance.


Real development in the field of volunteerism in modern Azerbaijan began after the return of great leader Heydar Aliyev to power. Thus, from the first years of the genius leader's rule, cooperation between the public and private sectors and civil society has been in the spotlight for the purpose of comprehensive and sustainable development. It was important to involve people in this process on a voluntary basis, to benefit from their field experience. Thus, in 1998, a joint project of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism, the United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Volunteers began to operate. In 1998-2000, as a result of this program, a strong volunteer team was established in the country and the principles of volunteerism were disseminated to a wide audience.


The Law on Volunteerism, adopted by the National Assembly in 2009, played a stimulating role in the new stage of development of volunteerism in Azerbaijan. With this broad and substantial law, volunteerism in Azerbaijan entered the path of sustainable development. An active and permanent volunteer organization, the ASAN Volunteers Organization (AVO), was established under the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ASAN service). Voluntary activities, which began for the first time in Baku, soon began to be organized in ASAN service centers throughout the country.


It is very nice that, soon this tendency began to be applied in the activity of other state bodies. For instance, the Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor’s Office, Immigration Service, State Customs Committee and other state bodies. Thus, it helps the youth to develop their knowledge and abilities practically and gives them an opportunity to build future careers.


The Notary Chamber of Azerbaijan invites the youth to take part in all fields of society actively and creates opportunity for volunteers in the Chamber. Voluntary activities can be applied by seniors of bachelor's degree in law, as well as students studying for a master's degree.

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