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As it is known, the Azerbaijani notary is being improved and modernized, the status and development prospects of e-notary, as well as the role of innovations in improving notarial activities are constantly reviewed.Notariat fəaliyyətinin


Recent innovations to improve notarial activities include:


The mobile office of a notary is a complete set of technical equipment necessary for the provision of notarial services, which can work 24 hours a day without recharging, and allow you to use the full capabilities of the Electronic Notary system anywhere and anytime.


Unparalleled innovation of "Electronic notary" system - "Electronic notary kiosk" operates 24 hours a day and allows you to perform certain notarial acts without going to the notary office (currently installed at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport and for the purpose of issuing letter of consents for parents to allow their children to travel abroad). Once the required documents are attached to a special scanner window, the data is uploaded to the system, after which the applicant selects the country and the relevant consent date, and a video link is established with the notary. After checking the information by a notary, the contents of the document are read by the applicant, signed and the video recording is automatically stored in the system memory. The citizen receives a full and complete printed and registered (approved) application, and the information is automatically sent to the State Border Service.


Another innovation is the introduction of Mobile Notary. This application allows you to find the nearest notary office, office hours and contact information on the map. When registering, the application provides access to all notarial documents of the user, information about the participants of the notarial acts performed by the user at any time, notifies about the change of status of the document (ie whether it is valid) and provides access to the electronic version of the document. It also provides detailed information on the amount of payments, the necessary documents and persons involved in notarial transactions related to payments for notarial acts. In addition, the mobile application allows notary offices to have a 360-degree virtual view.


In addition, it should be noted that work is underway to increase the capacity of the "Electronic Notary" information system and expand integration with the information resources of other organizations. Work is currently underway to create a new, perfect version of the information system. Thanks to this system, it will be possible to register notarial acts via video communication, conduct transactions on the basis of electronic documents, fingerprint identification of citizens, as well as the introduction of many additional functions.


In case the person is unable to come to the notary office, after the time (date and time) of the notarial act on the basis of the notification is determined (written or electronic application in connection with notarial acts), state duty and fees are paid, the notarial acts established by the Notary Law will be videotaped with an outside applicant.