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The Notary Chamber of Azerbaijan is a non-profit legal entity established on the principle of self-government and based on mandatory membership of notaries to develop and improve notary services. The Chamber unites all private notaries acting in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Chamber operates in accordance with the Constitution and the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the "Notary Law" of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on "State Registration and State Registry of Legal Entities" and the Charter of the Chamber.


Establishment of the Chamber


In accordance with the sustainable reforms in the justice system of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in recent years a number of legislative and organizational measures have been taken to develop a special notarial institution. According to this tendency, for the purpose of development of notarial activity, improvement of legislation, organization of study of necessary personnel for notarial activity, as well as international cooperation in notarial area, it has been considered to establish the Notary Chamber that will unite notaries in the form of a labor union.


During 100th anniversary of justice of Azerbaijan, according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 15.11.2018, article № 26-2 entitled "Notary Chamber" has been added to the "Notary Law" and the legal basis of activity of the Notary Chamber has been determined.


The notaries acting in the country have been benefited from the legal basis and in order to develop and improve the notary service, the General Meeting was held on 08.07.2019 and the Notary Chamber of Azerbaijan acting as a non-commercial and self-governing legal entity on the basis of mandatory membership of notaries has been established.


At the Constitutional Assembly, the Charter of the Notary Chamber has been approved and according to the Charter, governing bodies of the Chamber - the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors and Audit Committee have been established and the compositions of the governing bodies have been determined. Huseyn Mammadov, a notary acting in notary office at Baku "ASAN service" № 2 has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Notary Chamber.


Notaries acting in the country, officials of the Ministry of Justice, civil society institutions and media representatives have participated at the Constitutional Assembly.


Activity of the Chamber


It is a known fact that, as a labor union and self-governing body of notaries, the notary chambers act in different countries of the world in order to improve notarial activity. Notary chambers of countries having continental legal system and notary chambers of countries having the same legal system successfully cooperate in a mutual and regional way and in the frame of the International Union of Notaries.


Main activity of the Notary Chamber is to participate in improvement and development of notarial activity, to organize trainings for coordination of notarial activities as a labor union, protection of rights and interests of notaries, increase of their professional skills, to promote good practices in the field of notary, to interact with notaries of other countries, as well as international notarial organizations.


Main goal of establishment of the Notary Chamber of Azerbaijan is to develop notarial activity, to strengthen coordination among notaries, to develop cooperation with the International Union of Notaries, to organize application of international experience in the country and to study regular innovations in the legislation.


Powers of the Notary Chamber


  • to assist the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the effective organization of notary activity;
  • to arrange training to improve professional training of notaries and to train persons willing to become a notary;
  • to make generalizations on notarial acts to establish notary practice;
  • to submit proposals to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan to improve statutory instruments regulating notarial activity;
  • to cooperate with the notaries of other countries, including international organizations and to become a member of international organizations of notaries.


The Notary Chamber also has some rights within its activities. Thus, in order to protect the rights of notaries for the effective organization of their work, the Chamber may apply to judicial and other governmental bodies, may conclude transactions on its own behalf, may acquire property and non-property rights, may carry responsibilities, may act as a plaintiff or defendant in court, may disseminate information about its activity, may open bank accounts and make calculations and use other rights.


After beginning its activity, the Notary Chamber of Azerbaijan has started to be represented at foreign seminars, conferences and congresses in order to study international notarial practice and make exchange of experiences.


During the short period of its activity, the Notary Chamber and Registration and Notary General Department have organized study programs and courses in order to check and increase knowledge of employees of notary offices operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Together with the State Notarial Archives, the Notary Chamber has also started to implement the project of "Digitalization of inheritance cases".